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Honeywell STT3000 Temperature Transmitter

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STT3000 Temperature Transmitter

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  • Includes Fieldbus Foundation standard Function blocks to ensure full interoperable operation - Analog Input (AI), Control Bloc (PID), Resource Block (RB) and Transducer Block (XB).
  • Includes Link Master capability to assume Link Active Scheduler (LAS) role of controlling the deterministic message communications in the event of primary LAS loss.
  • Integral Digital Meter available without the need for an additional bus connection or power.

 Specifications  Parameter  

Power Supply

18 mA

Current Draw


Supply Voltage

9.0 to 35 VDC at the transmitter terminals

Load Resistance

Dependent on number/type of bus devices.

Max. Shock

40 G

Cold Junction Accuracy

± 0.25°C
Digital Accuracy of input + CJ Accuracy (T/Cs only)

(example : transmitter with thermocouple Type J sensor and 0 to 200°C range

Total Reference Accuracy

0.2 + 0.25 = 0.45°C

Digital Ambient Temperature Effect

RTDs or Ohms : 0.029% of reading
T/Cs or mV : 0.042% of reading
(per 10°C change from 20°C reference)

Cold Junction Rejection Effect

60:1 for changes from 23°C ambient

Total Output Ambient Temperature Effect (ATE)

Digital ATE + CJ rejection effect (T/Cs only)

Power Supply Voltage Effect

0.005% of span per Volt

Output Current

4-20 mA


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(PDF, 330KB)

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